Hyroad Funding

Who We Are

Are you a real estate entrepreneur who needs funding for your next deal?  Are you tired of all the runarounds and rate gouging from other lenders?  Take a look at our lending program for seasoned and not-so-seasoned investors.  We’ve been where you are and we’ll make every effort to find the funding for your deal that is both affordable and profitable.  Our team is made up of real estate entrepreneurs who specialize in helping individuals locate real estate investment funding quickly and as affordable as possible!


Are you one of the millions of people who are tired of chasing good returns through monies in your 401k’s IRA’s or CD’s?  Are you tired of watching the volatility in the market and how it continuously plays games with your retirement money?  Are you one of the millions of people who have never heard of Private Lending and what it is doing for investors all around the country? 
Private lenders, just like you, are needed by real estate investors to provide the capital to fund their deals.  Conventional lenders (like banks) are hesitant to make loans on these investments and their processes take too much time for these investors.  Join Hyroad Funding LLC as a private lender and get returns up to 15 times what the banks are paying on their investment instruments.

Which ever of these situations describes you, we would love to talk to you. Send us a message and let us know a little about you and your goals.